Previous Design

Before the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand, the Moors had the greatest influence on Spanish Architecture. Buildings were decorated with ornate carvings and colorful tiles decorated with complex patterns. Houses were built with intricate woodwork, balconies and thick walls and archways connected the rooms. The Moors also created magnificent gardens that were irrigated with pools, fountains and waterfalls.The cities were filled with these complex designs and structures. Granada, for example, is a city filled with Moorish architecture.

A change in Architecture

However, Isabella and Ferdinand introduced a new kind of architecture. Isabella encouraged artisans not to limit their imagination. This emerging style was called Isabelline. Flowers, fruit, animals, and mythical creatures covered every surface of stone on buildings. It reflected a mix of Christian and Moorish tastes.
         Artists were now able to use a variety of materials including marble, alabaster and rare metals, taking sculpting to new heights.