Isabella- her earlier years

           Born in 1451 in the Spanish province of Castile, Isabella came from a long line of Catholic Kings and Queens. She grew up in the market town of Arevalo. As a young girl, Isabella suffered through some unfortunate events. Her mother became sick with depression after her birth and her father King John II died when she was three, leaving her half brother Henry to be King. Because of this, she was mainly raised by her grandmother, Isabel de Barcelos. Isabella later became known as "The Catholic Queen" as she was very devout in her faith.

           Growing up in the castle, Isabella heard heroic tales from the conquistadors who returned form the Spanish civil wars. Since she ruled during the Reconquista, Isabella naturally accepted war and became known for her fortitude, strong-willed nature, and self control.

           Despite her rural upbringing, she was a great lover of the arts. Isabella could also ride a horse, this talent proved useful when the monarch was taking over Castile. She was a brave and intelligent woman.  Isabella and Ferdinand arranged a series of political marriages for their children, even though they were not very successful. Isabella was deeply devoted to religion and her country. It was said that even during childbirth she was able to mask her emotions and show no sign of her pain.